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HOW TO SEE LIKES ? - Instagram is hiding likes! How to check it ?

Why they aren’t visible of getting to like on Instagramie under photographs at other users? Whether this function will be turned off permanently and whether it will be possible to check the number “like” under own posts?

For a few weeks users of the community service could notice the sure biggest changes, among others at other persons one can’t see the number of getting to like under photographs. Instagram already for a few months implemented tests in the form such a solution. After installing new with so-called updates like on Instagramie they will disappear, and more precisely under photographs only an announcement will already appear: get to like through… and other. Application programmers mean in order more to focus on published contents than only on statistics above all. At the moment the part of users in Poland could only notice changes in its account.

If the update appeared in our account and “likes” on Instagramie under photographs they aren’t visible, still we can check the number of getting to like under our posts. It will be sufficient to click on the word “other” below and then for us specific information, i.e. the number will appear “like” under the photograph and who got to like them.


The very mechanism of adding getting to like to photographs won’t disappear, however won’t be it is possible already to check, how many “likes” on Instagramie a given PC has Most probably when the function is introduced at all users, she won’t already stay restored. It is hard however at the moment to speculate to this subject, and very application programmers aren’t giving their opinion too much about amendments to the bulletin.

At the moment he remains for us only to observe changes which will be led on Instagramie and whether the lack of the visibility of getting to like under photographs will appear permanently at everyone.


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Why does Instagram not show my likes?

Why does Instagram not show my likes ?

In 2019 Facebooka  said he was widening his test which he is hiding likes more countries, in it Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.
In May the company commenced testing this solution in Canada in order to help to reduce the pressure associated with the accumulation of getting to like on the platform. Of getting to like which appear as hearts on Instagramie, there are popularities often used as the measure. The test is removing the total number of getting to like at photographs and films, but the owner of the account still will be able to see them. Of getting to like won’t appear on the main channel, profiles or immediate sides.
“We are testing it, since we want your observers to concentrate on photographs made available and films, rather than on the number of getting to like” – called Instagramie the spokesman. For some users are lacking of adequate number of getting to like

See my likes it's possible ?

Go to your profile and tap .
Tap Settings.
Tap Account > Posts You’ve Liked.
Keep in mind that there isn’t a way to view posts that you’ve liked on the web.

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